The Bodywork Chamber session

Our GEM treatment sessions, derived from Gravity, Energy, and Movement, have garnered a unique nickname among our clientele: “The Bodywork Chamber Session.” Despite not always being the most blissful experience during session, these sessions provide profound and transformative effects. The GEM technique is intricately crafted to realign both body and mind, targeting constricted channels and releasing tension within tight restricted tissues throughout your body, which often store emotions and memories of past injuries, impeding daily functioning.

Throughout the session, we meticulously follow the kinetic chains within the body, systematically unlocking and opening restricted tight tissues. By harnessing the principles of Gravity, Energy, and Movement, the GEM technique facilitates communication of movements, thoughts, feelings, and more, resembling a sophisticated computer system transmitting messages. This process leads to a comprehensive reset and rejuvenation of both the mind and body.

In today’s digitally driven era, maintaining proper posture is paramount for optimal performance and fluid movement in daily activities. We frequently hear from our clients that our treatment yields longer-lasting benefits compared to other therapies or physical interventions they’ve tried in the past. Since opening in 2013, we’ve assisted over 10,000 clients, with some even avoiding surgical procedures thanks to our treatment regimen.

These sessions help provide relief and have also been known to fix dysfunctions such as:


ROM (range of motion)



Joint issues

“Slipped Discs”

Back Pain




Neck pain




Muscle Weakness





and the list goes on….

Chamber sessions are 80 Minutes.


in house packages available.


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