Scar Tissue Removal

Scar tissue pain due to injury or post op.

Clients with scar tissue pain typically complain of neuropathic pain, during which continuous pain is present, alternating with phantom attacks of a sharp stabbing pain in the scar area and possibly radiating to other areas creating discomfort. Scar tissue can also hinder range of movements which can throw your entire body off. Scar tissue can also cause severe digestive issues if in or near the stomach or back regions.

However, with our scar tissue removal bodywork techniques this typically improves faster than using other modes to heal it.

*** Side note: when the body creates scar tissue after the injury, though, a person may not experience scar tissue pain until much later. Scars can take up to 1 year to mature fully and go
through four stages of healing. If you are currently having these pains try to think if you may have had an injury in or near an area you are having or feeling any discomfort and let your therapist know.

Our therapeutic ultrasound machine has a special setting that Increases temperature which creates a common physiological effect that helps to break down scar tissue. Increased temperature involves both superficial and deep tissues increasing in temperature.

Increasing the temperature of tissue layers within the body helps to loosen scar tissue so it is able to break down easier and faster with our manual manipulation techniques. After the scar tissue is broken down it dissolves through the lymphatic system and leaves through your urin or Bowels. It is very important to drink lots of water to make sure it all flushed out along with the toxins our bodies hold onto.

Between sessions with us for faster results you should be doing regular massage to your scar areas for a minimum of six months following your surgery or injury. You can also use a Guasha tool to break it up.

50Min. $195
80Min. $275

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