Fire & Ice Sports Therapy

sports therapy

Our Fire & Ice sports therapy treatment is an amplified version of what others call a “sports massage”. Designed for the avid athlete or weekend warrior. Your bodywork specialist will customize this treatment for you and your body’s needs. Focusing on increasing range of motion and stability. Beginning with our signature Cold therapy (cold marble, frozen jade and biofreeze) on targeted areas bring down the inflammation and helps your body to rebuild healthy cells, repairing your muscles at a quicker rate of speed. Your bodywork specialist will then use our signature heated therapy (heated jade stones, and heated oils) to loosen muscles and the connective tissues around the inflamed areas relaxing the tighter muscles providing better range of motion. This bodywork treatment incorporates yoga thai stretches using hot towels, trigger point therapy, muscle unwinding, gua sha scraping and deep therapy throughout. (add kinesiology taping of one or more areas for an additional $3 per strip.) ( our custom blend of ache away essential oil blend is used throughout your session).

50Min. $195

80Min. $275

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