Boost Program

 Sustainable Detox and Weight Loss Regiment

5 – 50 Min. Lymph-Chi Treatment. Regular $975.

5 – 30 Min. Foot Detox sessions. Regular $250.

5 – 50 Min. Infrared Wrap sessions. Regular $395.

Total: $1450.00(service fees not included).

(regular price $1620.00 when paying individually)

This program must keep its regiment to get maximum results.

This is a 5-week program. You may not split up the services

50 Min. Lymph-Chi Treatment. 

50 Min.  Infrared wrap.

30 Min. Foot detox.  

 You will be given additional instructions to take home with you during this program. You may not purchase this program and split up your services. They need to be the same day, so set the right time aside. (No refunds are given, results may vary.) (No refunds)


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