Specialty Bodywork Therapies

Specialty Bodywork Therapies

Allow yourself to let go and take a journey with us. These therapies have been designed to take you on an ultimate healing adventure. Deeply relaxing your whole being, giving you a sense of security, Drift away allowing every tension in your body to disappear or melt away.

Liquid Melt
Excessive physical activity can cause deep muscular and joint distress. By combining Deep Tissue, Hot Bamboo, and neuromuscular techniques, this treatment helps to warm and relax the muscles, improving range of motion. Enjoy before physical activity to increase flexibility and afterwards to help the speedy recovery of strained muscles.


This treatment alleviates stiffness and soreness while restoring energy and balance. Alternating hot and cold stone therapies using : Jade, Marble, and other healing stones. The stones heat, combined with long flowing strokes, relaxes the muscles and has a soothing affect on your emotions. Cold stones are used on your body’s energy points, creating a vascular flush, ridding your body of toxins and replenishing the good cells.


World Fusion Ultimate
Allow your body to melt into the ultimate relaxing experience. Using warm oils infused with a custom blend of essential oils for your individual needs. Feel the warmed healing stones and hot bamboo sinking into your muscle layers melting away all of the tension in your body. Float away listening to the sound of the music therapy specifically designed for this treatment. Finishing your treatment with a 15 Min. Indian scalp treatment which focuses on relieving the tense points in your head, balancing and bringing harmony to your overall experience.

80 Min. $375.00

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